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I discovered Smooth-Face during a vacation to Laguna Beach. What a find! I use it regularly, once a week. I love the way my skin feels after each treatment. I have very problematic skin and I have to be very careful with the products I choose. I do not use any makeup whatsoever and only the purest, most gentle soaps and creams. I trust Smooth-Face for my sensitive skin.

- Eve Koller / Munich, Germany

Frankly the last thing I needed to try was some new face scrub. I thought I had used every product out there. And then wonder of all wonders!!!! my sample of Smooth! It left my skin soft and of course Smooth, but just really ready to absorb any product that I layer on to moisturize afterward. Truly a find, a rare gem of a product."

- Sally Sherman-Strazzeri, The Vision Group, Irvine CA

Smooth is one of the best exfoliation products I have ever tried. I deliberately tried it last week on the night before I saw my esthetician. She said my skin 'didn't look bad'. Every month she tells me where 'we' need to work on my skin, so her not giving any suggestions was High Praise indeed!

- Gabrielle Carey, Costa Mesa, CA

My search for the "right" facial product is over! Smooth-Face is PERFECT. The clean, smooth texture, the feel and scent of the product and most especially way it leaves my skin feeling is simply ideal.  I am actually excited to use the product every time I exfoliate my face because it feels so great afterwards.  There's nothing like it.... leaves my face feeling fresher, younger and cleaner than if I had gotten a professional facial.

- Casey Lesher, Newport Beach, CA

I'm a guy who has never given any thought to "getting a facial".  I just used hand soap, or whatever body wash I had in the shower, to wash my face.  My complexion has never been ideal, I thought that's just the way it was to be. I'm outdoors a lot, and my face is in the weather.
When I had the opportunity to use Smooth, I didn't give it too much thought, just tried it.
What a difference, in the feel of my own skin!!  I'm a believer, a dedicated convert and a user of Smooth-Face on a regular basis. There really IS a difference.  I take care of my face now. I wouldn't use anything else but Smooth.

- R. Mike Micklich,   San Clemente CA

This will be my third week using Smooth Face.  Since using this product, my skin is less oily and my skin tone is bright and even.  I use Smooth Face three days a week.  I love that Smooth Face has no overbearing odors, just a clean and natural scent.  What a great product!

- Mike Cohan, Laguna Beach, CA


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